13th EOP • 2024

Details about the 13th EOP – European Opera-directing Prize and the participating Opera House, Birmingham Opera Company, will follow shortly.


12th EOP • 2022

Over 20 years, the European Opera-directing Prize has succeeded to discovering a range of talented directors, many of whom have built notable careers in and beyond Europe.  The 12th edition of the Prize is launched at a time when it is more than ever important to nurture creative talent after a year during which health restrictions have severely limited such opportunities.

The offer of a leading national theatre, Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen, to host the next winning production is proof of the value placed on the EOP by Opera Europa’s members, as is the composition of the international jury with leading directors from Denmark, France, Germany and Norway, as well as a former EOP prize-winner. The semi-finalists and finalists will receive significant exposure among Opera Europa’s 200 member companies over the coming year.

Nicholas Payne, Director Opera Europa